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NORMACONNECT® FGR industrial pipe couplings

NORMACONNECT® FGR is a very cost-effective alternative to conventional pipe joining techniques when it comes to the permanent and long-term connection of both plastic and metal pipes. Plain-ended pipes can easily be assembled by hand. The ready to fit coupling is pushed over the pipe end and can then be aligned and rotated to any fitting position.

NORMACONNECT® pipe couplings require no special tools or pipe-end treatment. The NORMACONNECT® Pipe Coupling design even allows for pipe-misalignment or angular deflection and a small gap between pipe ends.

Feed and return lines (i.e. for gas, liquids or solids) are joined quickly, easily and safely with NORMACONNECT® pipe couplings.

Industrial applications include: Shipbuilding, Wastewater Treatment, Compressed Air, General Industry and Construction.

NORMACONNECT® can replace the use of welded, flanged, threaded or grooved type pipe joints.

NORMACONNECT® Pipe Couplings are the easiest and most cost effective way to join plain ended pipes and are suitable for system working pressures up to 70* bar. (*Maximum allowable working pressure rating varies according to pipe diameter).

NORMACONNECT® FGR offers following benefits:

  • Easy and quick installation saves time (cost-effective).
  • Meets international standards like Lloyds Register + Det Norske Veritas.
  • Conforms to DIN standard 86128
  • Angular deflection and misalignment possible
  • Flexible and light weight stainless steel construction (304 or 316)
  • No pipe end treatment required
  • No precise pipe gap necessary
  • Space and weight saving
  • Detachable connections
  • Weld-free reliable connections
  • Stainless connections
  • Re-usable
Assembly Tolerances

Space Saving Time Saving
Weight Saving Cost Saving

Economy is guaranteed due to short assembly times without the necessity of prior pipe alignment or treatment of pipe ends. In addition, the pipe couplings are lightweight, re-usable and dont take up a lot of storage space.

Available in pipe OD 26.9 to 2032mm

Available in three different material grades to suit specific environmental requirements (refer to technical data download):
  • W2: Stainless Steel housing with Stainless Steel plated hardware
  • W4: All Stainless Steel Housing 304 Stainless Steel
  • W5: All Stainless Steel 316 For underground use
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