Oetiker Installation Tools
Installation tools

OETIKER supplies pincers for manual closure.

OETIKER recommends pneumatic pincers with electronic gauging, to ensure repeatable assembly and uniform closure, particularly for mass production applications.

The innovative "Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Power Tool OETIKER ELK 01" guarantees reliable installation with electronic monitoring of all necessary parameters. It practically eliminates the possibility of any unnoticed defective closures. More information available upon request.

Manual Closing Tools for Ear Clamps
Oetiker Tools for Ear ClampsStandard pincer with standard Jaws where radial access to clamp is not restricted
Item No.: 14100082

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Oeitker Tools for Ear ClampsManual Closing Tools for Ear Clamps
Pincer with side jaws for use where space is restricted
Item No.: 14100083

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Oetiker Stepless Low Profile Clamps For Stepless Low Profile Clamps
Pincer with return spring.

  • Item No: 14100031 - 5mm wide
  • Item No: 14100030 - 7/9mm wide
  • Item No: 14100109 - With tolerance compensation
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Pneumatic Pincers ME


  • Full range of pincer heads, for compatibility to all standard OETIKER clamps.
  • High-quality complete pincer system for uniform clamp closures.
  • Can be supplied with special head designs.
  • Installation Tool with high process reliability.
  • Efficient, uniform assembly.

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Divider Line Oetiker Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Pincer ELK 01

Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Pincer ELK 01


  • Reliable installation with electronic monitoring of all specified parameters – 100 % documentation.
  • May be integrated into automated systems using PLC or PC communication.
  • Force or stroke-priority action, with or without initial holding feature.
  • Can be supplied with special contoured heads.
  • Even seals thanks to high quality pincer units.
  • For efficient, verified assemblies.
  • Individual or sequential closures.

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