The NORMACLAMP® product range offers a broad range of unique hose clamps be it a standard product with or without spring element or a special- or heavy-duty clamp: The NORMACLAMP® range offers the perfect sealing solution for all applications and meets the requirements of customers in all areas of industry.

NORMACLAMP® products connect any part or system safely and reliably even in difficult installation conditions while at the same time ensuring a high product quality and low assembly times.

 NORMA Clamp Wormdrive Hose Clamp Torro   NORMA Clamp Constant Tension Clamp Torro Spring
NORMA Clamp FBS Springband   NORMA Clamp COBRA One Piece Hose Clips
NORMA Clamp Heavy Duty Bolt Clamp GBS   NORMA Clamp Heavy Duty Hi Torque Wormdrive Hose Clamp HD
NORMA Clamp Quick Release Clamp     NORMA Clamp Fuel Line Clip SL
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