BREEZE: Your one source for quality clamps

Breeze introduced, pioneered and has been supplying worm-drive hose clamps aircraft - automotive - marine - and heavy-duty vehicle - industry for more than fifty years.

Breeze Industrial Products designs and manufactures one of the most comprehensive range of perforated worm-drive and
T-Bolt and V-Band hose clamps available in the world.

With the highly successful Breeze and Torca brands, Breeze Industrial Products Corporation has achieved global recognition as the market leader in modern clamping and joining technology. All Breeze clamps are produced to stringent aircraft, vehicle and international quality standards.

Breeze has continuously developed and expanded its product line. Each line is designed for specific areas of use with individual performance features and refinements which all conform to the highest quality Breeze engineering standards.

Breeze General Purpose Hose Clamps - Powerseal     Breeze General Purpose Hose Clamps - Miniature
Breeze Springband   Breeze Hi Torque With Liner
Fuel Line Clip SL   Heavy Duty Standard T Bolt Clamps
Heavy Duty Spring Loaded T Bolt Clamps   Hi Torque V Band Clamps
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