Customised Design

NORMA Customised Design and Manufacturing

NORMAFLEX® - Fluid Systems - The individual solution

NORMA® has the capability to find a customised solution for your fluid transfer part design. We will work in close collaboration with you, to develop the perfect FLUID® System for your individual purpose. Our customised fluid handling solutions will allow more flexibility within design parameters.

The combination of smooth, corrugated tubes as well as partially corrugated tubes in mono or co-extruded materials in combination with the NORMAQUICK® connectors and NORMACLAMP® hose clamps will guarantee a synchronized system for all kinds of fluid transfer applications.

The components are combined in a way to match the specific requirements of each application and to provide the best possible physical and chemical properties.

With the NORMAFLUID® Systems you have unlimited design freedom, through which tubes can be formed to required shape. NORMA's extensive product knowledge and market experience ensures that customers' specific requirements are always processed in the shortest possible time frame.

This product program makes sure that you will receive tailor-made products that meet your individual requirements whilst staying flexible and saving cost and time.

The benefits and services of NORMA customised design at a glance:

  • Replacement of rubber hoses and metal pipes / tubes
  • Tubes can be formed to required shape
  • Sharper bend radius is possible
  • Integration of quick connectors
  • Supply of complete assemblies
  • Cost-, weight- and time-saving
  • Design flexibility

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