NORMAQUICK® V2 plastic quick connectors are ideal to connect media carrying lines as well as ventilation lines.

Number 1Firtree plus O-Ring (optional)

Number 2Housing

Number 3Locking device (ring)

Number 4Primary O-Ring

Number 5Secondary O-Ring                            

NORMA Quick V2
  • Available for connections 4 mm to 27 mm
  • Fast (dis-) assembly without tools = time and cost savings
  • Supports automated processes / assembly
  • Optimized tightness due integrated seal
  • Increased safety due visual seal check
  • Suitable for both plastic and metal spigots
  • Suitable for high and low pressure applications
  • Made of recyclable materials featuring extremely low permeation values.


Technical features

  • Medium/Fluid
    Fuels, air, oil & oil vapours
  • Operating Pressure
    Approx. 5 bar excess pressure
  • Operating Temperature
    Engine compartment
    -40°C up to +135°C
    Short time up to +150C (approx. 30 min)

Please note that all NORMAQUICK® V2 connectors are delivered without spigot.

Suitable SAE spigots are available on request.

NORMA Quick V2

The perfect match can be achieved due to the combination of NORMAQUICK® V2 quick connectors with NORMAFLEX® fluid systems.

NORMA Flex Fluid Systems

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