Banding and Buckle Systems

Our banding and buckle systems are flexible band clamping systems which are available in various band widths and material grades. They are primarily used to clamp, bundle and secure all types of hoses as well as to fix signs and boards to poles and for pipe mounting and many other fastening applications.

A variety of different closure systems is available to suit a broad range of different applications. The option to produce individual, strong and made to measure clamps elimates the need for a large stock of different size clamps.

Bandimex Continuous Stainless Steel Banding     BANDIMEX - Pre-formed Clamps
Worm Drive and Screw Seals  
NORMETTA Banding and Screw Housings
Bandimex - Fixing Brackets for Continuous Banding   Banding Tools
Breeze Make-A-Clamp   Flexometer

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