The simple, multi-function method to effectively mount or suspend system components. Exclusive design utilizes the tensile strength of the band to maximize clamp load, increase durability and minimize assembly weight. Assembly is easy and reliable.

Number 1 Available in aluminized & stainless steel as well as in polished stainless steel for chrome plated applications.

Number 2 Mechanically joined "Stirrups" with contained nuts provides attachment for shields.

Number 3 The clamp band is positioned behind the optimal bracket, pulling the mounted mass tightly into secured position.

Number 4Optional, individually designed and low mass brackets are engineered for mounting strength and ease of system assembly.

Number 5The clamp and bracket system features mechanical joints that are stronger and more reliable than spot welds and eliminate corrosion and fatigue failures.

  • Standard and custom application designs and sizes.
  • Provides assembly ease and reliability.
  • Eliminates spot welds, corrosion and fatigue failures.
  • Optional, individually designed brackets available.

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