Pipe Connectors Torctite

The simple and effective way to connect exhaust system components. Palented design for fast, easy and accurate installation. There is no need to separate pipes or exhaust members before clamping.

The exclusively developed fastening system, including a force bar, bolts and a patented reaction block. Creates the power to stretch the clamp band tightly around exhaust members and makes the wrap-around installation fast, easy and accurate.

The clamp causes no damaging distortion to pipe or flex and the band is designed for maximum stretch providing tight take-up on pipe/pipe or pipe/flex applications.

Number 1 High-strength plated fasteners.

Number 2 The flexible clamp band fits tightly around exhaust members.

Number 3 Positive form locking and high leak proof.

Number 4 Pre-threaded nut bar provides tightening with only one assembly tool.

Number 5 The reaction block provides a full 360° equal distribution of stretching forces, prohibiting pipe distortion
while completing a seal around the joined exhaust components.

  • Available in standard industry sizes from 2" through 6" in Lap or Butt Design
  • Compatible with pipes, flex and mufflers - Butt or Lap Joints
  • Superior clamp load capability
  • Pre-assembled = Easy installation
  • Durable installation without damage to pipe ends
  • Unique sealing performance
  • Replaces U-bolts and clamps

Available in:

  • Aluminized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polished Stainless Steel for chrome plated applications (To order)

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