NORMACONNECT® PLAST GRIP/PLAST GRIP E - Used to connect plastic pipes


NORMACONNECT® PLAST GRIP /PLAST GRIP E axial restraint pipe couplings are used to connect plastic pipes. The specially designed anchoring ring featuring flat rows of teeth enganges into the pipe surface without damaging the plastic material. The force applied is distributed evenly across the pipe surface.

Outside Diameter Range:

  • 40.0 mm - 406.4 mm

Coupling material grades:

  • W4 and W5
  • Seals in EPDM or NBR

Number 1 Double lip sealing system.

Number 2 Standard Strip Insert.

Number 3 Heavy-Duty lock bars.

Number 4 Anchoring ring.

  • Type Plastgrip: Solid Trunnions
  • Type Plastgrip E: Hollow Trunnions

Optional support sleeve

NORMA Connect

When joining plastic pipes made from soft materials (i.e. PE or PP) a support sleeve must be used. The support sleeve has to be inserted into the pipe end within the area to be joined and thus protects the pipe from being deformed.

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