Pipe Connectors Accuseal

The simple, effective way to connect exhaust system components, pipes, mufflers and converters. Unique seal and high clamp loads are provided without permanent distortion to exhaust members. This unique fastening system stretches the band using its tensile strength permitting the use of thinner gauge, corrosive resistant materials.

Number 1 The reaction block provides a full 360 equal distribution of stretching forces, prohibiting pipe distortion while completing a seal around the joined exhaust components.

Number 2 High-strength fastener hardware with corrosion resistant coating.

Number 3 Efficient use of materials reduces weight and assembly costs.

Number 4 Hexavalent chrome free.

Number 5 Easy to assemble, only one assembly torque point.

  • Available in standard industry sizes from 44.5mm (1.75") to 152.4mm (6") in aluminized or stainless steel.
  • Exhaust connections are serviceable and easy to disassemble.
  • Durable Installation without damage to pipe ends.

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