OETIKER - Single Ear Mechanical Hose Clamp
OETIKER Single Ear Clamps with Mechanical Interlock

OETIKER Single Ear Clamps with Mechanical Interlock (Product Group 105 & 155)

Economical quality clamp for low-pressure applications. Developed for a variety of applications in the automotive industry, general industry and fluid distribution systems that incorporate plastic transition fittings and tubes.

The mechanical interlock practically eliminates the potential for localized corrosion which is a potential failure mechanism at the heat-affected zone of a welded connection.

Number 1  Deformation of ear provides visual indication that clamp is closed.

Number 2  OETIKER System: (ear with a dimple): Provides inherent spring action in the clamp, permitting expansion and contraction during thermo cycling conditions without excessive loss in retention.

Number 3  Narrow band (7mm) and lightweight.

Number 4  Mechanical interlock allows use of pre-coated materials.

Number 5  Smooth de-burred edges prevent damage to clamped parts.


  • 105 Galvanized or zinc-plated steel band
  • 155 Stainless Steel
  • Material No. 1.4301 / UNS S30400
  • Band Width 7.0mm
  • Sizing's from 10.5mm - 116mm
  • Width x Thickness 7.0mm x 0.6 / 0.75mm

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