NORMACLAMP® TORRO® CT Constant Tension Spring Clamps
NORMA Constant Tension Clamp
Constant Tension Spring Clamps

Worm drive hose clamps with constant tension spring insert to DIN 3017

The TORRO with constant tension spring offers an automatic self adjusting feature when the hose relaxes and is therefore particularly suited to connecting cooling and heating hoses.

When tightening the screw the spring is loaded and stores sufficient clamping force to ensure a long-lasting automatic re-tensioning effect. Thus the radial clamping force achieved will be sufficient even under low temperatures.

Number 1 Improved asymmetric housing = even distribution of forces and safe assembly.

Number 2 Screw support = ease of assembly due to the safe guidance of the emerging band end.

Number 3 Spring insert = increased sealing reliability across a wide temperature range.

Number 4 Asymmetric extension = prevents the housing from tilting over when the clamp is tightened.

Number 5 Short housing saddle = even contact pressure = improved efficiency.

Number 6 Smooth or stamped inside of band = optimal hose protection.

Number 7 Made in Germany.

  • Available in 3 different material grades: W2, W3 & W4
  • Available in 2 Band Widths : 9mm & 12mm
  • Sizing's from 12 - 140mm
  • Available in packs of 10 and 100


Material Grades:

  • W2: Band & Housing: Stainless Steel (1.4016/AISI 430) Screw: Mild Steel Zinc Plated Clear Chromated
  • W3: Band, Screw & Housing: Stainless Steel throughout (1.4016/AISI 430)
  • W4: Band, Screw & Housing: Stainless Steel throughout (1.4301/AISI 304)

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