NORMACLAMP® Quick Release Worm Drive Clamp
NORMA Clamp Quick Release Worm Drive Clamps
NORMACLAMP® Quick Release Worm Drive Clamp

NORMACLAMP® QUICK RELEASE worm drive clamps are the solution for closed system Installations where the clamp must open to be fitted.

NORMACLAMP® QUICK RELEASE worm drive hose clamps are popular for ducting, extraction systems or signs mounting and are generally being used for applications where speed and ease of fitment removal is important.

Quick release clamps feature a secure catch which can be easily locked and opened as no special assembly tool is required.

Number 1 Quick release style = Fast fit & removal.

Number 2 8mm hex-head.

Number 3 Band can be pulled through to point of tightening quickly.

Number 4 High corrosion resistance & long life.

Number 5 All stainless steel construction.

Material grade:

  • Stainless Steel (1.4301 / AIS 304)
  • Band Width: 14mm
  • 8mm hex-head
  • Sizing's: 51mm - 311mm
  • Available in packs of 10 or in bulk

Simple three step engage / disengage action

Simple Three Step Engage Action

1. Loop disengage clamp around object
2. Slip band through housing
3. Snap screw down and tighten

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