NORMACLAMP® FBS® Constant Tension Springband Clamps
NORMA Clamp Springband
Constant Tension Springband Clamps

Springband hose clamps to DIN 3021

FBS springband hose clamps are particularly suitable for hose connections in cooling, heating and air ducting systems, which are subjected to large temperature fluctuations.

Once assembled NORMACLAMP® FBS provide a continuously re-adjusting dynamic tightening effect. Allow temperatures the radially acting tightening force is sufficient to assure a reliable tightness of the system. Even hoses that are submitted to extreme temperature cycles or those with a tendency to choose relaxation can be combined to form a safe connection when using NORMACLAMP® FBS. FBS springband hose clamps are single-part hose clamps without screw and are temperature resistant from - 40 °C up to 200 °C

Number 1 Lot number stamped on clamp band = safe retraceability.

Number 2 Organic / inorganic coating = optimal protection against corrosion.

Number 3 NORMA® Logo = the visible sign for high quality.

Number 4 Nominal diameter stamped on the clamp = easy identification and prevention of mistakes

Number 5 Special design = uniform distribution of clamping forces and optimal roundness.

Number 6 Round band edges = optimal hose protection.

Number 6 Made in Germany.

  • Band material CK75: Basecoat = Zinc-aluminium coating. Topcoat = organic coating.
  • 12mm band width
  • Sizing's from 13mm to 80mm (Nominal Diameter)
  • Packed in industrial cartons

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NORMACLAMP® FBS springband clamps are most suitable for use in applications where connections are under extreme cyclic temperature loads:

  • Coolant and heating systems
  • Fuel ventilation
  • Airducts

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