BREEZE HI Torque Heavy Duty Clamp (with Liner)

Breeze General Purpose Perforated Aero Seal

BREEZE HI Torque Heavy Duty Clamp (with Liner)

This is the original and still the strongest worm-drive clamp available. Use it where conventional clamps are inadequate or in applications where double and triple clamping is currently needed.

Withstands more than 3 times the SAE torque requirements for type F worm-gear clamps. Eight screw-threads are engaged in the band simultaneously for incredible torquing drive (over 150 in.lbs.), sealing pressure and vibration resistance.

Number 1S lotted 5/16" hex head screw = versatile and easy installation.

Number 2 5/8" stainless steel band = greater corrosion resistance.

Number 3 Extended internal liner = covers gear slots in band to protect all types of hose from damage and helps to maintain consistent sealing pressure.

Number 4 Heavy Duty four piece "Quadra-Lock" construction = extra strength and torque conversion.

  • Available in 2 material grades
  • Effective Diameter Range from 25 mm - 232 mm
  • Available in packs of 10 or in bulk

Material Grades:

  • 63 Series: Highly corrosion resistant for marine use. Stainless steel band, screw, saddle and housing.
  • 64 Series: For use in outdoor, fresh water and mildly corrosive applications. Stainless steel band, screw, saddle and housing.

Standard Series - (HTM - Series)

Made in a range of stock sizes for convenient adjustment around standard diameters.

Liner Series - (HTM - L Series)

Identical with HTM series except that the single-piece band is extended underneath the adjustment slots to protect silicone or other soft-surface materials.

Multiples Sizes (HP - Series) (Upon Request)

This special series of Hi-Torque clamps offers a greatly expanded working diameter range by adding extra perforations to the band. Example: HP 4 covers working diameters normally covered by HTM-500, HTM-550 and HTM-600. Only four sizes cover working diameters from 1-1/4" (32 mm) to 9-1/8" (232 mm).

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