BREEZE - Spring Loaded T-Bolt Clamp

Breeze Heavy Duty Clamps - Spring TBolt Clamps

Spring Loaded T-Bolt Clamp - B9224 Series

Per SAE standard J1508 Type "SLTB"

The Breeze Spring-Loaded T-Bolt clamp meets the same durability, torque and quality standards as the standard Breeze T-Bolt and the spring design adds constant tension performance.

Breeze Spring-Loaded T-Bolt clamps provide comprehensive application coverage and are performance engineered.

Number 1  Nylon Insert Plated Steel Bolt & Spring.

Number 2  Stainless Steel Trunnion, Band & Liner.

Number 3  3/4" band width.

Number 4  Effective Diameter Range from 54mm - 198.4mm

  • Designed to compensate for thermal expansion of hose and fitting connections.
  • Used on applications such as charge air cooling systems.
  • Available in standard and heavy duty springs.
  • Sold in pack quantities

B9224 - Heavy Duty Large Spring
B9226 - Standard Small Spring (upon request)

  • Nylon Insert Plated Steel Bolt & Spring
  • Stainless Steel Trunnion, Band & Liner
  • 3/4" band width
  • Effective Diameter Range from 54mm - 198.4mm

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