BREEZE - Perforated Worm-Gear Miniature Hose Clamp

Breeze General Purpose Perforated Miniature

BREEZE - General Purpose Perforated Worm-Gear Hose Clamp - Miniature Clamp

Per SAE standard J 1508 Type "M"

A lightweight, streamlined clamp generally used in small diameter applications such as air & fuel lines. The streamlined configuration allows for installation in tight fitting or difficult to reach areas. This clamp creates high sealing pressure with only 10 to 15 in. /lbs (1.1-1.7 Nm) of installation torque.

Number 1  5/16" bandwidth creates higher sealing pressure with lower applied installation torque.

Number 2  Slotted 1/4" hex head screw installs easily with flexi driver or tool any other screwdriver.

Number 3  Lightweight and streamlined configuration, designed for small diameter applications.

Number 4  Available with stainless steel band, housing and screw.

Number 5  Arcial slots in band provide added strength against stripping.

  • Available in 4 material grades
  • 5/16" band
  • 1/4" slotted hex screw
  • Effective Diameter Range from 5.6mm - 64mm
  • Available in packs of 10 and in bulk

Material Grades:

  • 35 Series: For standard clamp applications. Stainless steel band and housing with carbon plated, slotted hex head screw.
  • 36 Series: For use in outdoor, fresh water and mildly corrosive applications. Stainless steel band, screw, saddle and housing. 300 S/S.
  • 37 Series: Highly corrosion resistant for marine use. Stainless steel band, screw, saddle and housing. 410 S/S.
  • 38 Series: Acid resistant stainless steel band for underground use. 316 S/S.

Miniatures: EFI Liner Clamps

  • All the features of the Miniature clamps as detailed.
  • Extended internal liner to cover the clamp band slots, protecting the hose surface and to avoid extrusion of soft EFI/Fuel hose when tightening the clamp.

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