BREEZE - Constant Tension Clamp Heavy Duty Construction

Constant tension Constant Torque Heavy Duty Construction

BREEZE - Constant Tension Clamp Heavy Duty Construction


Per SAE standard J 1508 Type "SLHD"

Constant-Torque® Heavy Duty clamps are recommended for use on large diameter applications such as turbo exhaust sleeves, coolant hoses and intake systems. A bellevile spring mechanism permits the Constant Torque® Clamp to automatically increase or decrease its own diameter due to changes in operational or environmental temperatures.

Number 1 Slotted 5/16" hex head screw for versatile and easy installation.

Number 2 Energy store in compressed belleville spring mechanism controls automatic clamp adjustment.

Number 3 5/8" band with internal liner.

Number 4 Torque indicator permits visual assurance that the clamp is properly installed.

Number 5 Heavy Duty four piece "Quadra-Lock" construction for extra strength and torque conversion.

  • Available in 2 material grades
  • Effective Diameter Range from 25mm - 232mm
  • Available in packs of 10 or in bulk

Material Grades

  • L-Series: Carbon Screw (available to special order only)
  • LSS-Series: Stainless steel band, screw, saddle and housing.

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